Willian:- I want to stay long in Chelsea, my future is in it.

“I derive a lot of joy and i also use to be happy when i find myself in them playing for them, leaving together. But i realised, this is not in my wills is in their faces”, Says the 31years old Brazilian.


Willian’s contract to blues ended since last summer, but, he roars out that the team knows about his intentions of staying in Blues for a long time before leaving.

One of the Chelsea’s policies is any player above 30 years would not stay any more after his contract ended, the highest time given is 1year, perhaps, since 2year offer was given to David Lius; then the policy was abandoned easily because it was not written.

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Willian already signed for a year again, so, he promised to commit himself 100% to the team so that he can leave a “blue footprint”. Despite, “Chelsea have not deliver any offer to him yet as he said”.

He also added that “i m happy playing for the club and the situation is not in my hand either”.

“I am still waiting for their decisions. They all know my intentions, they know why i am here and they also what i want to do for them, therefore i am waiting for them”.

The team in general would get the outcomes for their appeals to the court on the FIFA transfer banning.

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Willian is highly keen in his intention for extending his stay under bridge policies. And that what made the player not talked to any of the team’s managements in the early January this year. ” i don’t want to talk to any of you till my contract ended, possibly end of this session” Willian voiced out to them again.

“I am still a Chelsea player and i am enjoying every bit of my stays with them but try to understand that the clubs managements know what i want to do”.

“It doesn’t have to be right for me to say i need offer while the management knows how long i want to stay in the team”.

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“Chelsea is my team and i want to stay longer than expected in the team”.