Transfer gists: Brussia Dortmund demands £100m for Jadon Sancho.

Jadon Sancho may possibly be the first Frank’s signing this year if he is ready to deliver £100m to Dortmund.


Chelsea’s transfer ban has been off some time back, according to reports, Chelsea is ready to give that money for the British international and Dortmund forward.

The Bundes liga star, who is just 19 years old with a reasonable profile in Dortmund had the site talks on his move to Chelsea this January.

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United were keen to sign the player, but the question asked by so many heads is that “can Sancho be a frank signing”? The fore mention teams are also ready to give what it takes to release J. S.

“This price is due to the high price tag to the player but there is nothing special and Chelsea will also join the queue like the rest” says J. Ducker.

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“Warding back again it is unreasonable amount of money fixed to a player who has not good profile in the EPL, incredible. Any way, he built most of his profile in Bundes liga were he has done quiet good over time, he has gotten that chances by the time Man City released him to the Dortmund.

This could be the reason why the price would remain so high because of too much interest in him by so many clubs.

It is so lucrative deal for Dortmund having been lucky to get a young player like him who is a utility player at his age, he is flexible and he can rotate to so many position.