Eden Hazard suffered injury after playing few matches in Madrid, Xhaka confirms his exit from Gunners

The Madrid star Eden would not be able to resume to his fit until end of this session by all indications. That injury was probably the cause of his missing to El-clasico last two weeks Hazard is still suffering the injury, missing lots of matches and that could possibly reduce his value in football competitions. Hazard may be back in the pitch in February next year. Arsenal midfielder Xhaka agrees to join the German side in the January tranfer lift. This is why the Gunners boss Arteta stated making moves to bring Adrien Rabiot from Juventus for quick replacement. In the other hand, Chester is going strongly for bringing PSG star Jullian Draxler of Germany ang Idrisa Guaye of Sanegal In the begging of new,

Transfer News: Chelsea is ready to surrender Willian to Juventus, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Willian is said to be sign by either Barcelona or Juventus which is a decision against his initial interest of staying in the blue house till end of his football career. The Brazilian international would be free by January, if the team do not extend his contract. There are three clubs that are interested in him but his will goes against their interest but Willian said "the decision is in Bluez hands, they are the one to decide". Willian will have chance to keep talks with other teams once his contract end and Chelsea do not renew it. Though, Willian made a lot of good touches in the previous matches which is an appeal to Frank Lampard. According report, Juventus shows interest in signing

Willian:- I want to stay long in Chelsea, my future is in it.

"I derive a lot of joy and i also use to be happy when i find myself in them playing for them, leaving together. But i realised, this is not in my wills is in their faces", Says the 31years old Brazilian. Willian's contract to blues ended since last summer, but, he roars out that the team knows about his intentions of staying in Blues for a long time before leaving. One of the Chelsea's policies is any player above 30 years would not stay any more after his contract ended, the highest time given is 1year, perhaps, since 2year offer was given to David Lius; then the policy was abandoned easily because it was not written. Willian already signed for a