CHAMPIONS LEAGUE:-Valencia vs Chelsea

Chelsea been the guest to the Spanish giant appeared very tight with their full strength, but still having lapses around the defence. Chelsea playing in 4,3,3 formation Chelsea's line up Arrizabalaga Azipilicueta James Cristensen Zooma Kante Jorginho Kovacic Willian Pulicic Abraham Substitutes Caballero Tomori Mount Batshuayi Alonso Pedro Emerson Valencia as the Homes, looking a way to make more points that will qualify them to the knock out stage, complaining more about managements players and fans are Putting much doubt about the game Winning is what they all need most, despite the 3 point victory against Chelsea in the first leg. There was a good counter about 19', taking by the Valencia forward M. Gomez finally mises the target. This is a chance formed by the normal defensive errors disturbing the Chelsea center back Valencia's line up Cillessen, Costa Jaume, Garay, Gabriel, Gaya, Torres

“It’s going to be a tough match” says Albert Celades

The Valencia head coach, Albert Celades expected a tough game tonight During the first leg, earlier this session it was clearly shows that the defensive errors had a cost on the counterpart. Rodrigo was opportune to put Valencia on the lead around 74'. Chelsea penalty missing made them loose enough, they should have win against us and three of the seven points that tie them on three in the way up Chelsea and Ajax in our group. Coach Albert Celades is still expecting a tough match even more than the last encounter. The coach added that “Chelsea are a super team, one of the best in Europe at the moment. They were on very good form, winning against