UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Muhammad salah was praised by his manager J. Klopp.

Jurgen klopp; Liverpool manager hails salah for his confidence,after loosing some clear chances,and lastly now made a victory from a chocked angle to assist the team champions make up with the champions league knockout stages on Tuesday.


Liverpool advancement to group E as a result of its victory over Salzburg 2-0 with mohamad salah adding to the midfielder neby keita’s after rounding opponent goalkeeper cican stankovic.

Klopp said, “He didn’t made any victory with fact the he played nice,but standing on track and making definite result which almost says more on than all other victory he made standing focused, having faith in the next time it was genius. A very hard goal but a good goal”.

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Next premier league, Liverpool will be hosting Watford on Saturday.