Soccar News: Antonio Rudiger: Frank lampard still lamenting on the alleged apartheid abuse that continues.

Chelsea player, Rudiger tender his report on the race segregation on Sunday’s match.


The Chelsea’s coach, Lampard has protect his player Rudiger against the race segregation that was shown by the Tottenham fans on the Sunday’s match, saying”the players know I am behind them”and his tweets were”well put and from the heart”.

The player; Rudiger posted on his social media and wish to be aware of when this stupidity will finally come to an end after Sunday’s match saying,” on his Twitter handle.

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The Tottenham and the Metropolitan police were up to investigation on the race segregation, to know who is actually responsible of this allegations while the Football association are also involved.

Report has been processed by Tottenham so far as”inconclusive” any fans discovered to be culprit was suffer will be banned for the rest of his life, after the anti discrimination protocol of the premier league was used for the first time on the game.