Romelu Lukaku: A wonderful beginning sing a victory song||players’ rating

Romelu Lukaku shines in the remcent London dearby against Arsenal at Emirate stadium yesterday.


It was a great game where Chelsea didn’t make many mistakes and dominated most the of the contest.

It was a nervy start for the Blues as the Gunners pressured them for a solid 10 minutes to start at the Emirates.

However, it didn’t take long for Thomas Tuchel’s team to find the right rhythm to break down the opposition.

Everyone played exceptionally well, and the win was well deserved.

Although the score should have had a wider margin, two goals and a clean sheet against a cross-town rival is always a good day at the office.

Here are the individual Chelsea player ratings from the London Derby

Edouard Mendy (Goalkeeper): 10/10

The Chelsea keeper had a quiet day as Arsenal did not come close to scoring.

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Nevertheless, the two times where the Gunners did break through, Edouard Mendy was there to save the day.

Particularly in two instances, the long shot saved over the bar and the anticipation of the through ball.

In the former, Mendy was well positioned to stop the shot.

However, with so much power behind it, the slightest mistake would have ended in disaster.

Therefore, Mendy’s reaction to tip it over the bar was outstanding.

The latter instance showed the keeper’s positional awareness as Arsenal played a ball through that could have ended in a one-on-one.

Mendy was focus on the action and anticipated the pass exceptionally.

He deserves a 10 for the clean sheet.

Cesar Azpilicueta (Right centerback): 10/10

The captain made no mistakes and was as efficient as always on the night.

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Playing in a back three is Cesar Azpilicueta’s forte.

Not only was he smart with his positioning, but he was also decisive in the tackles.

Moreover, almost nothing got past him.

There is no doubt Azpilicueta is an outstanding player, and while Arsenal was at its best in attack at times, Azpilicueta was too.

Andreas Christensen (Centerback): 10/10

After an fantastic individual European Championship run, Andreas Christensen had a lot to prove back at his club. Prove he did.

Playing in the center of the defense allowed the Dane to get forward and intercept play or drop deep to cover the empty space.

Christensen made no mistakes and reassured the team when needed.

More importantly, he was smart at reading play in front of him, which allowed him to avoid one-v-one battles, and instead focused on clearing the ball or simply making a short pass to relieve the pressure.

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Antonio Rudiger (Left centerback): 10/10

Antonio Rudiger did not shy away from any challenge and made sure nothing—and no one—got by him.

In moments where Arsenal had opportunities, Rudiger stood like a wall and either stopped players in their tracks or simply cleared the ball.

This was a champion’s performance as he did not take any chances and, more importantly, was aware of his surroundings at all times.