Rahama Sadau is Currently reacting to what people are quoting on her

Rahama Sadau has taken to social media to break her silence following the buzz surrounding her recent photos


The Kannywood actress had sparked outrage amongst her Muslim fans after showing off her back in one of the photos

Sadau trended online, with some for and others against her decision to share such photos

In a recent post, Sadau who has since taken down the photos, addressed the issue

Rahama Sadau was recently the centre of controversy on social media following her recent photos shared to both her official Instagram and Twitter pages.

Recall earlier on, Legit.ng reported on how the northern actress sparked outrage online when she showed off her back in a beige-coloured evening gown leading to a heavy backlash.

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After several hours of trending online with her religion getting verbally attacked, the film star has come out to set things straight.

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In a lengthy Instagram post, she condemned the attack on her religion and thanked fans who reached out to her.

Read her post below:

“Salam, it’s sad and unfortunate waking up to a series of unexpected messages, tags & trends over the harmless pictures I posted. 

As a human, I laughed at some, frowned against many & disapproved most. 

To the most unfortunate event, some of these comments took a different dimension.

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“Having mixed followers, bashing each other’s faiths to the extent of creating trends like “Assistant Allah” (SubhanAllah), raining curses and some tweeting blasphemous words to our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

This is the height of it and it stands condemnable and regrettable. 

I’m with all sense of sincerity, dissociating myself from such derogatory & hurtful words. 

To everyone who knows me or follows me, should know I’m not the type that reacts to anything or embraces advice from social media moral police. 

But my Prophet & religion is where I draw the line.

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