Premier league:- Pochettino and Jose Mourinho are successful icons.

Unai Emery looks at Pochettino as viable coach in EPL. Base on the way report goes round.


Arsenal board of trustees, players, fans and series of constant loosing did not make any support the shot term manager Emery and that what causes his sacks at the end of last week.

Mauricio Pochettino also had dame issues with Spurs during international break band. It seems to disappointing to the team having lots of losings in the mid of premier session.

“Sacking him was not unlikely and i believe this would break the relationships he made with both the club and the fans”. Says D. Ornstein.

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Pochettino is also written as an options even with the derby between the two epl giants.

Rodgers applied on taking over the Gunners

After he dropped out in contesting for Barcelona after posing with Espanyol at which the “Barca seems to be a fair rival to Espanyol”, says the Espanyols. Rodgers ranked his intention as becoming next after Emery.

The former Tottenham boss has strong qualities that Arsenal considered in him such as Cracking young players, improving teamwork in a club and so on. Arsenal also believed that with the former Spurs they will have a strong team that can leave nor head in E.P.L.

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Most importantly, he is a London base, it going to be easy for both him and the team.

But report shows that Arsenal has been given to Ljunbarg.