Premier League news: Neville, Roy Keane pebble “proper” Manchester United performance.

Former Man United skipper Roy Keane said the club’s 2-1 win over restraining Premier League champions Man City on Saturday will give the players much needed confidence to shed the inconsistency that has desked them all season.


Achievement derby rivals City followed a 2-1 win over former boss Mourinho’s Tottenham on Wednesday, raising Man United to fifth in the table after 16 games and easing pressure on manager Ole Solskjaer.

Roy Keane told Sky Sport “I absolutely did not see this coming. It was fantastic a proper Man United performance. Lots of courage and conduct. They were outstanding”.

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“I don’t think beating Tottenham Hotspur was a big deal at home, but that win over City will give the players a lot of Allegiance as they have been offended nobody likes to be indicted.

Roy Keane’s ex Man United teammate and fellow analysts Neville suggested that the two wins were signs Ole Gunner Solskjaer project was taking shape and urged the club to back him in the January transfer window to add talent to the team.