My team can beat Liverpool in the Champions league knockout stage, says Zinedine Zidane

Liverpool and Real Madrid qualified from group stage, which has been completedast wednesday.


Madrid boss explained that “my team qualified with about 5points behinds PSG, so we were not too week to mount the first position in the group”.

“Despite qualifying with just few points, Real Madrid can still beat Liverpool hands down.

The Madrid boss, confirms that, he makes every preparations that will make the team move ahead to Champions league final.

This is because his team qualified with few points, he also find out the needs to equip his team against the next battle.

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It was said jokingly, “my team cam beat Liverpool if they meet in the fin stage ” says Zidane.

Liverpool was so good enough qualified group E with 13 points in the first position loosing only one game.

According to the reports, Zidane was asked if he is considering pool a team, the boss smiled and said ” i don’t have anything to do with draw, we are going to remove them” .

For about two sessions back, the two teams mate in the champions league were Liverpool suffered a 3-1 loose against Madrid.

The game played most part of it without Mo salah due to injury he sustained from Sergio Ramos.

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Afterward, the team back strong and beat Tottenham in the final stage of the Champions league.