Muslim Lawyers are warned not to defend the sentenced Kano singer

Muslim lawyers have been warned away from defending Kano embattled singer Sharif


Sharif was sentenced to death by a Kano Sharia court for alleged blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed

Sharif has appealed the sentence and his case file forwarded to rights activist Femi Falana

Kano singer, Yahaya Aminu Sharif, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy by a sharia court in that state may get no help from Muslim lawyers in his appeal against the judgment.

This is because the lawyers have been warned against doing so by the chairman of Sokoto State Ulama Forum of Izala, Sheikh Abubakar Usman Mabera.

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According to the Sheikh, any Muslim lawyer that takes up the case to defend Sharif has renounced his Islamic faith.

Nigerian Tribune reports on Sunday, September 6 that Sheikh Mabera made this assertion at the weekend.

The Islamic cleric argued that the judgement was valid since Sharif was a confirmed Muslim and the Sharia court that passed the ruling on him was a competent one.

Sheikh Mabera insisted that blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed was punishable by death.

“As a Muslim, the law applies to the singer,” he said. reported earlier that Sharif filed an appeal about six days after Kano governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, said he would sign his death warrant for blasphemy

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He was sentenced to death by hanging on August 10, after he was found guilty of committing blasphemy in a song against the Prophet Mohammed.

Meanwhile, respite seems to be coming for embattled Sharif.

Femi Falana, a human right lawyer, received the document of the Shari’a court verdict sentencing the 22-year-old singer to death in Kano state over blasphemy.

Babajido Ibrahim, the spokesperson of the Kano state judiciary, made this known on Thursday, September 3, weeks after the singer was slammed with the judgement that is still drawing controversy.

Ibrahim said that certified copies of the verdict have been handed to Falana’s representative on Wednesday, September 2, in Kano to enable the human right lawyer appeal.

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