Lius Enrique Criticised Robert Moreno for his disloyalties.

The Spain internal boss Lius Enrique said “Robert Moreno is quiet a disloyal type” and he will never be in the same coaching shoes.

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With this type of displays, Lius Enrique resigned since Beginning of June this year and that will give him more chance to take care of his sicked little baby Xana who died around august as a result of bone cancer.

Moreno was so Victorious over Enrique that he told him ” I wanted to be the one to lead the team to European cup race in 2020 before i become the assistant coach.

Moreno left the Spanish team since their lost 5-0 to Romania early November.

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Lius Enrique added that

The only person responsible for Robert Moreno not being in my coaching staff is me,” Enrique said.

“He came to see me in my house and told me he wanted to lead the team at Euro 2020 and afterwards he would be happy to be my assistant coach again.

“I understand that he has worked very hard to be the coach and that he is ambitious – but for me that is disloyal. I would never do something like that and I don’t want someone with those characteristics in my staff.”

Enrique and Moreno previously worked together at Barcelona, Celta Vigo and Roma.

Moreno joined his coaching staff when Enrique was first appointed Spain head coach in July 2018.

“I understand his decision but cannot agree with it and told him I didn’t want him as my assistant and that I felt strong,” said Enrique.

“Ambition is to be encouraged but excessive ambition is a defect, not a virtue.”