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Fikayo Tomori

The Chelsea rightful back Tomori sign a new deal with Chelsea football club this year.


A lot of sport media show that the player recently sign a long-term new deal with Frank Lampard on last thurday.

Lampard was dazzled by his actions throughout this session with just only 16 appearance but still is an incredible job, “i was really impressed with his actions” says Lamlard. This is why his contract was extended automatic.

Tomori said ” it is incredible to myself and my family entirely cause i was at the club since my young ages up til today, so know less of other teams than blues”.

“I cannot pay the team looking back to what they been doing to me, building and upgrading me to the level i am today, it is really exiting as the club offered me a new five years contact, this shows their maximum interest in my abilities, thanks once more and therefore, it is good to go


The Chelsea wing is ready to leave by this January transfer, the player wish to get back to his former team Barcelona, but it is little bit too late.

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Pedro misses a lot of his position under Frankie, replaced by Willian and Pulisic who could do better than him and he finaly link to a team at US side.

Pedro declared that Barcelona would be a right place if they show a bit of interest in him.

“So many people including my teamates know how i feel about the Nou Camp, but it is just obvious when there is a chance to ward back” he told reporters .

“He added that “Barcelona is my team, i have special love for the team because of so many reasons and am also from there. I got so many experiences from there, i stayed a long time there, i have special love for everyone in the team and i will also be grateful if i could get back to Camp Nou”.