Lagos State Inaugurates 8-man Judicial Panel for Inquiry and Restitution

Lagos state have appointed an 8-man Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution has been inaugurated by Lagos Government to investigate cases of police brutality.


Lagos State Government has inaugurated an 8-man Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution to investigate cases of police brutality in the state as the protests continue.

This was disclosed by the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who cited Section 5 of Tribunals of Inquiry Law, Laws of Lagos State, 2015 as a legal justification to set up the panel.

Recall Nairametrics reported that the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo announced that the 36 State Governors and the FCT Minister will set up judicial panels of inquiry that will adopt public hearings.

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The Lagos Governor announced that it will be joined by 2 youth reps and a member of the Human Rights Commission also.

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“The panel will in the next 24 hours be joined by 2 youth representatives and a member of the National Human Rights Commission as we look to provide restitution while following due process.

“In Lagos, beyond setting up this panel which we hope will serve as a representation of our broader interests.

We have established a N200m fund for compensation to families and individuals who have been victimized by officers of the disbanded SARS,” the Governor said.

He added that the Lagos Government has witnessed the cries of the youth against police brutality and admitted that the pains are legitimate.

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“We have witnessed the protests of our youth against police brutality. 

The pain of this generation has been felt in various parts of our state and country, as well as in the diaspora, all speaking with one voice against the unbridled violation of their rights and lives,” he said.

“I am on the side of the young people out there. I understand your pain and I know your concerns are legitimate. 

I must reiterate that while we were able to immediately acquiesce to some of your demands, some will require time: we ask you to bear with us as we work on them.

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“I will like to renew my appeal to you to suspend the protests and create an atmosphere for the resolution of all pending demands. 

I encourage everyone brutalized by the disbanded SARS including the families of those who have died to present their cases before this Panel,” he added.