Kaduna State Students Kidnappers Make a Final Decision

Kaduna state students kidnappers of some are now having a rethink on what to do with their captives


The gunmen have decided to ask for ransom from the parents of the students

One of the parents said the abductors are asking for N500 million as ransom for her child

A report from Daily Trust claims that gunmen who abducted students in Kaduna state have started reaching out to the parents of the captives for their ransom.

Reporters of the local newspaper gathered from the parents of the kidnapped students that the abductors have been making calls to them, threatening to harm their children if they fail to meet the demands.

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One of the parents told journalists: “They asked my daughter to call me and she was crying and pleading with me to get the ransom and pay otherwise they will kill her.”

Another parent claimed said she was told by the kidnappers that unless the sum of N500 million is paid, her daughter will not be seen again.

Meanwhile, Sheik Ahmad Gumi had revealed why the kidnapped students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Kaduna, were yet to be released.

In his conversation with newsmen on Thursday, March 25, Gumi revealed that there is serious apprehension now among the bandits following the federal government’s shoot-on-sight order.

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The Muslim scholar said the criminals are very suspicious of anyone they come in contact with as they fear that such persons might be working for the government.

He further disclosed that the bandits he met recently in one of his peace talks in the bush told him they know the leader of the gang that abducted the students but that efforts to reach him especially after the order was given had proven abortive.

Gumi said: “Presently, our ability has reached the extent that we can identify who is involved in any criminal act.

We have identified the leader of those who took the students but he has never attended any peace meeting with us.

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“Those groups we met identified him but we could not reach out to him because of the security implication since the government gave shoot-on-sight order and then the government said no negotiation.

So, I don’t want us to go into the bush and the government will think we are encouraging them.”