Is This True Love Or Money? Checkout This Amazing Couple

Love is an emotional feeling in motion, it’s complex and sometimes complicated when mistaken for other feeling out of ignorance.


It is a mixture of belief, emotions and behavior attached with strong feeling of affection, warmth, respect and protectiveness for another person.

To say true love matters and should exist among – and to be shown to everybody regardless of the person’s state, being it a cripple, blind, dwarf or healthy, is to point out the significance and importance of having someone very close and emotionally attached to us in other to share our burdens and curtail how often we are left to feel lonely.

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In today’s article, Pidgin Reporters want to share some unique photo of beautiful couples who’s love affection that exists between them has gone along way to prove that everyone deserves to be loved.

Love shouldn’t be triggered by material things, good looks and profile. It’s something that should grow from the heart out of emotion.

And I’m glad that today in our societies we have a lot of these people who have true love existing between them.

True love is hard to find especially in our societies that only the rich get all the attention.

Do you believe in true love, that it still exists even in absence of money and wealth.

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Have you ever been hurt that you felt true love doesn’t exist. Have you ever been in a state where you feel isolated maybe due to some life issues you have.

Kindly share your opinions and experiences with us at the comment section below, we really want to hear your say on this matter.

Your contributions is highly valued and will be appreciated.

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