"I missed Arsenal, Salzburg and FC Poto" Says The Nigerian winger Samuel Chukwueze,

For the past 3 sessions, Samuel Chukwueze happens to be one of the best and hittest Nigerian players in Europe.


The Nigerian international reveals why and how u missed up the three offers.

The player is now making lad in Villareal in the Spanish league.

“It was really prostrating missing Gunners, Poto and Redbull” says the 22-years.

Despite the success some of his teammate ripped in travelling to Europe, but still the player set himself aside, back home to make himself more hot before any other deal.

The player still added “This is a setback i experienced when i had lots of options to pick, at the end, none of them was picked, i had to get back to my sit to gain more energy”

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“It was not easy watching my teammate signing other contracts while myself staying back to academy”.

“I understood that, when things are not moving the as expected then one has to put his head down and work harder again, that what i did before Villareal show face”.

“I am benefiting from the long term patience i had, had it been i rush to the team i wanted; i wouldn’t have been where i am. I thank God for the setback”.

Chukwueze is one of the hottest forward wing that are shining in Laliga presently. He scored about seven goals in the league and he also attached to Real Madrid and Barcelona due to his incredible performance in the Villareal.

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