Mikel Arteta Believes Mesut Özil Cannot Liberate Arsenal On His Own- Soccarnews

Initially, Coach Arteta thought Özil’s incredible structures will revive the club’s season. Unfortunately, the German star cannot do it on his own- Soccarnews


He said “His playing abilities have physically improved quite much and have been showing it in several trainings.

This figures of his will help him to be able to take everything he has inside.

Furthermore, Özil was very effective during our match against Chelsea and am hoping he will sustain that level.

Despite our 2-1 loss to Chelsea on Sunday, Özil never lose hope of bouncing back on track again. He posted on his Instagram page saying “Today’s result hurts after our best performance for a while. We didn’t deserve to lose. But thanks for your amazing support this afternoon. We go again on Wednesday- together”

On the other hand, Özil does not only involve in professional football. But also, he is into a donation exercise, called “Bigshoe”.

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BigShoe is a donation exercise that involves helping hundreds of children who are in critical conditions –view his tweeter page.

However, there are only limited players worldwide that can endure on their own, which Özil is still to be among.

He will rather need his collective structures around him, including his teammates.

In conclusion, we are already going into the New Year’s match day in 12th place which is just six points above the relegation zone and 11 points off the champions league spots.