Lionel Messi been attacked by C. Ronaldo’s fans after missing chances in el clasico yesterday.

C. Ronaldo did a lot of making Juventus shine on the top but Messi couldn’t make that possible for Barcelona yesterday night.


Messi misses lot of chances in around 6 yard from the goal poles and that what denies the Barca right to lead the Laliga table.

Both the two teams tried hard for one to lead another but unfortunate they both flopped down empty handed.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have the same points 36 each with light difference in goals and that what make the Catalan to lead the table above real Madrid

Messi was out of his proper shape though he fit the game but he was attacked by the Real Madrid center back Sergio Ramos throughout the game.

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Leo tried all his best to make the differences but it was not the it has been planed.

After a while, Mesisi tried producing one of his magical trick of scoring but he ended fluffing round his team mate loosing the best chance.

Immediately after missing those chance, one of the Ronaldo’s fans uploaded a clip on social media with a caption demoralizing the fans of the 32 years Argentine international.

Lots of Ronaldo fans took that as a stake used to lift their star ahead the Barca attacker. “It was so unfortunate for them having trash their moments on that, the world knows who Leo is in terms of modern football.

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