Soccer News: Arsenal insists to appoint Mikel Arteta. Why?

Early this week Arsenal told Manchester city about the zeal of signing Mikel Arteta as the Gunners head coach.


Mikel Arteta is going to be the Arsenal’s head coach based the quality the team satisfied with from him.

The former Gunners attacker has been in schedule for making move to Arsenal to replace Unai Emery ahead of Patrick Vieira. The discussion between Manchester and Arsenal has been progressed to a level were both the team will soon reach to conclusions. Mikel were advised by City boss to make a quick decision on his move.

The Emirate wanted Arteta to start taking part in the job latest from upcoming Saturday’s premier league game at Everton.

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Why is Arteta becoming the Gunners coach?

The former Arsenal captain was interviewed about 18month back before contacting him for the job. He is closed to grabbing the appointment.

Arsenal managements had been impressed with Arteta’s effort right from Man city’s assistance to Pep Guardiola, it has been a good point that the Gunners management, players and fans considered in signing Arteta.

Another reason is Mikel Arteta is one the youngest coaches in EPL presently with outstanding performance.

Arsenal were looking for coach who will be fit to their management structures and all. Ateta has been there for long, played under Arsene Wenger. Ateta is willing to do such amendments right from the day wenger left Arsenal.

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Arsenal promised to make cash available to make the team work again though his intention is to work with players already there in the team, but still, the ball is in his legs.

Arteta has been a manager with management experiences and this is what Arsenal needed not a man who has never manage any team like the present caretaker. Arsenal believes that Ateta is going to be a risk taking sign for Arsenal.

How does Arteta looks in Man City?

Pep Guadiola recommended him about his position in the City about two weeks back, a job well-done salutes.

Guadiola also knows that Arteta going to be the number one at any moment from now due to his high sense of determinations just like how Guadiola raised from Johan Cruyff when he was a Barcelona player. Arteta was able to stay more close to Guadiola, this could give him chance to become the number 1 in the coaching world.

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