What an Unlucky kick? Chelsea suffered a 1-0 defeat against Bournemouth.

It is a loosing stack where loses a lot of their premier league games


Chelsea vs Bournemouth is a 1-0 defeat that is equivalent to loosing five straight games been the defeat at Stamford Bridge.

Gosling scored the only goal in about 48 minutes, towards the the games end.

Despite four lose, Chelsea still remain in their position at premier league table above Seff and Man untd.

The blues started the with their strength with all the hope of winning the game especially making it at home, but at long-run the blues couldn’t make a difference by loosing so many chances.

Lampard was so eager to make at least one goal to mark his first win after three lose in the epl. But still it was not possible cause Abraham was not also in his perfect shape for scoring. Both teams went 0-0 for first half break.

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Bournemouth was in the lead, changes after the Josua’s substitute missed lots of chances it was so late putting one goal against Chelsea.

Bournemouth goalkeeper made lots if saves prevents Abraham make celebrations the two teams still remain goales for long time.

The winners confirm their a six minutes checks of VAR.