Ladies! You Will Never Regret If He Has These 10 Qualities…

It is the desire and wish of every woman to be with a man who will love, cherish and treat her like a queen but unfortunately, most ladies due to lack of wisdom and inability to see let such men slip out of their hand.


Marriage is a lifetime journey and at time, it is not very easy for picking the right type of man from probably hundreds you will definately need some special insights to recognize that chosen one.

From a real life experience, I know a lady who rejected a man who truly loved her because he was not a banker then.

Fortunately after 5 years of this guy marrying another woman, God’s favor located this guy and today he is the branch manager of a bank in Calabar.

The other lady ran out of time and had to marry a primary school teacher out of no choice. Such a lady’s life will be full of regret forever.

So ladies, if a man has these 10 qualities, don’t make the mistake of letting him get out of your hands.


1.    A man who respects you

A man respecting you is not just about always picking your calls or calling you.

A man who truly loves you will acknowledge the fact that you have your own values, way of life, emotional needs, flaws and he will boldly accept them without comparing you to other ladies.


2.    A man who will always make you smile

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A man who truly loves you will not love to see you sad so he will do all his best to keep that beautiful smile on your face always.

These types of men are rare because someone who is just there to use you and go will not care about this and even if he does, it will not be genuine.


3.    A man who will protect you

A man who loves you will not let any harm come your way.

He will defend you even if you are the one at fault in the first place. Be it in the public or private.

This is another important character to check for in a man.


4.    A man who supports your wishes

A man who is ready to support you in whatever you wish, loves you.

If you decide to finish your college degree before marriage and he says no problem, them he is ready to support you. Such men will give you advice and never discourage you.

Some men don’t even care about this so be careful.


5.    A man who confesses his love even in the public

Any man who says let the relationship be private and doesn’t want his friends or family member to know, My Sister, run from such man! He is a play guy.

A guy who truly loves you will be proud of you even in the public. For your love he will never mind, talking like a drum even in the midst of others.

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6.    A man who is not selfish

A man who will take actions without considering your opinion does not really care for you.

Any man who does this is not your type.

Love is not selfish, love cares.

A man who truly cares will know that all in a relationship does not revolve around him.

7.    A man who will always improve on himself

Like I said earlier, so many ladies have lost potential husbands because there could not see.

A man’s today is different from his tomorrow but not all men care about their future.

That is why you will see a lot of men still 30 years and living with their parents with no plan for the future.

However, once you see a man who is improving himself on daily basis, ready to learn new things, reading, making research and always wanting to improve himself then never let him go because he can amount to something great later in life.

8.    A man who is open and honest

I think this should even be the first point because no relationship can stand on the platform of cheating.

Ladies, if he is honest and tells you the truth, makes you aware of his whereabouts always, gives you constant access to his phone and gadgets them don’t let him slip away because in a society where men associate cheating with smartness, it will be hard to find such a faithful guy.

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9.    A man who will always stand by you

A man who has future plans for you will always stand by you whether in good or bad terms.

He will always be there to correct and guide you.

When things get tough, a guy who is just there to fuck and go will not even check on you.


10. A man who will always remind you of a better you

A man who loves you will not compare you to other ladies; a man who loves will see one reason to hang on even if he sees a hundred reason to leave.

He will always remind you of your beauty, he will make you feel loved.


Dear Sister, Future Bride, Future Mother, Future In-law, you run the world. But the world can’t be runned without a man, your sponsor, your supporter, the backbone of every daughter. You run the world, but he gonna finish it with enrich tiles. The living creature that can never be volatile. So if you have a man with such qualities, never let him go. Never!

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