Popular singer Seyi Shay advice men never to let ladies know their weaknesses

Seyi Shay recently took to social media to dish out some relationship advice


According to her, ladies should never let a man know their weaknesses

The talented singer stated this while revealing her man buys her food to apologize whenever he messes up

When it comes to dealing with issues in relationships, people often device numerous ways to make peace with their partners.

Transparency is also encouraged to maintain a healthy relationship.

Well, it appears Seyi Shay appears to have quite a different opinion on this. In a recent post shared to her Twitter account, the Gimme Love crooner opened up on what her man does whenever he upsets her.

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Seyi Shay wrote in the tweet that he buys her favourite food to apologize whenever. She went on to advise women to never let a man know their weaknesses.

This isn’t the first time the talented singer has taken to social media to talk about relationships.

A while ago, the music star told her female fans and followers what to do the day they have to confront their man’s side chic.

According to her, on the day they have to message another woman to leave their man is the same day they have to leave him.

Also, there are a number of reasons men and women date each other.

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Some people date their spouse based on their personality, others, because of their charisma.

Seyi Shay spoke on this matter and she also shared a piece of advice with her female fans.

Taking to her page on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, Seyi told her female fans that dating based on only looks is so shallow.

The singer said that they should look out for more important things.

Meanwhile, the singer recently made a case against flaunting wealth on social media. According to her, doing that is tacky.

The Yolo Yolo crooner said this while speaking in a video about why she doesn’t like to flaunt her wealth online.

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She stated that people ask her why she does not flaunt what she has but she tells them that such a mentality is shallow.

Seyi said that she is not a loud person despite the fact that she lives well and is doing good.