Boko Haram attacked military Barracks in Borno

Boko Haram militants have attacked a major military barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State.


Sources from the military announced the newspaper The Cable that the militants arrived at the steel 11:20 on Monday night where they started shooting into the barracks.

The military immediately responded but terrorists surrounded the barracks, a source confirmed.

Earlier, Boko Haram militants attacked parts of the town before reaching the barracks.

At the time of writing, there is fighting between terrorists and the military.

It has been a common thing for Nigerians, most especially North-East residents.

Boko Haram militants have been their key problem in those cities. This why Nigerian government is putting their best to seen end of that problem.

  Sojojin Najeriya sun koka cewa ba Kanal Bako kurin suka rasaba a harin da aka kai musu

President Muhammad Buhari is aware of all the tortures, army battalions Not police were sent their to rescue the Boko Haram victims.