Kano state government banned hymn of the Prophet except with their approval

The Kano State Department of Film and Literature says it will not produce any music in the state unless it is licensed.


Chairman of Ismail Muhammad Na’abba, better known as Afakallah, said this in an interview with the BBC.

Afakallah said the fact that business is often overdue has prompted the commission to take the initiative.

He also said that if he was given a license to perform the dance he would listen and confirm that there was nothing wrong with it.

Ismail Muhammad Na’bah said that the institution was founded on three aspects of religion in a variety of social, cultural and social contexts so that everyone would respect one’s religion and culture.

So far, Afakallah said, there are three to five songs that have permeated the state of Kano due to uncertainty.

“In the past we allowed them to filter their songs under the leadership of some of their leaders, but then things got messy and now we are back in the lead role.”

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“It saddens us to see the entrance to the cemetery of God and His Prophet, and to insult the great servants of God in the name of praise,” Afakallah said.

The president said that the people of Kano state are religiously inclined and they have started to take action against themselves, so the government is realizing that the veil is over.

“We have already requested that radio stations in Kano refrain from recording such songs until we have given our permission,” he said.

Asked to see that they do not have the number of singers in the state, he said: “In every municipality we have an office and every office with tools to perform the choir so it is not a matter of it will be difficult for us to overcome.

We have provisions to punish anyone who violates the law, to make it a law for the future. “

These singers will be trained to know what they are singing and what words they should use.