TECNO Round Off Spark 5 Talent Hunt, Giving Away N1million

You can then imagine how happy Nigerian tertiary institution students felt to hear that TECNO was going to hold its annual Spark talent hunt regardless of past few months that had been very uncertain, with most of the normal activities that we have come to know and love being put on hold.


Tecno Spark 5 Talent Hunt

Tecno Spark 5 talent hunt

You see, over the years, TECNO has distinguished itself as a people-centric brand. In more ways, than we can count, the brand has proven that it indeed cares for Nigerians. Year in year out, they have launched campaigns aimed primarily at opening unbelievable doors for Nigerians, with focus on the Nigerian students and entrepreneurs. So, it is indeed not so surprising that despite all odds, even though the uncertainties of this period, TECNO still went all out for its fans.

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At the commencement of the Spark 5 talent hunt, TECNO promised that this edition of the hunt will be bigger than last year’s edition. Now that the hunt has ended, we can indeed say that the brand undeniably went bigger.

Tecno: Power of Five

This edition was tagged Power of 5, alluding to Spark 5’s incredible 5 cameras. And there were five categories – Music, Comedy, Dance, Freshen Up (Makeup for females, Style or dress up for males) and Art. The brand called for Nigerian students to show their talents in these categories to the world in a photo or a less than 1-minute video through their social media platforms. And as you would expect, countless entries came in, all absolutely entertaining.

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Tecno: Cash Prize Winners

After close to a month of feisty competition, the winners have emerged! The winners are in 3 categories. There were those that got cash prices to the tune of N1million.

Then there were those that got Spark 5 smartphones.

The last set of winners all got TECNO gift boxes.

Asides TECNO’s magnanimously generous giveaways, the takeaway from this hunt at such times as this is that good things happen even in bad situations. Just keep believing.