Kannywood: Rahama Sadau gives well wishes to her boyfriend

The most prominent and most popular Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau gives a well wishes to her social media fan whom always pray God should award him with a lady just like her


The guy ‘Kamisu S. Gayuba wrote on his twitter handle where he explain all his wishes and the sensitivity of his to Rahama Sadau and his zeal to marry her.

His twitter followers assisted him in the prayer. Some of them were surprising the situation with way he is comparing their social status for both of them. Some wishes him Allah’s blessing in it.

Meanwhile, the actress replied to him with a wish to have a wife better than her and finally thank him for his love and the time he took expressing publicly without any single fear.

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“May Allah give you one better than Rahama sadau in everything, thank you very much” says the actress.

She had a lot of gossips on social media especially about happened during classiq video shoot and her birthday celebrations though she travelled to Cyprus for educational career.

Around 2016, the actress was suspended in participating in any of the Kannywood film or even a drama after she was discovered Hugging the upcoming artiste Classiq in his video they shoot together.

The suspension brought huge argument, thus it was rejected after sometimes due to her frequent apologies she made to the Kano state emir, the Kano state governor Ganduje and the Kannywood decision makers.

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