Like Father Like son: CR7 jr. Copied exactly his dad.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr has copied his star father with his new braided hair


The 9-year-old boy has been training with his father since they returned from Portugal

Georgina took to social media to show Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hair style

Georgina Rodriguez has posted awesome photo of the eldest child of her lover Cristiano Ronaldo who copied his father braiding up his hair in a stunning fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family recently returned from Portugal where they were on isolation due to how coronavirus became a big issue in Italy and many parts of the world.

And after returning from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo first went on two weeks isolation in his mansion in Italy before returning to training with his Juventus teammates.

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His family seems to be delighted with their return to Italy with Georgina Rodriguez positing series of photo of her social media post.

In one of the photos posted which can also be seen on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jr Instagram page, the nine-year-old made a braided hair which is an indication that he is also like his father.

It is not also a big statement to say that Ronaldo’s Jr will follow the footsteps of his father considering how the lad has been seen always practicing.

During Cristiano Ronaldo’s two weeks isolation when he returned from Portugal, the ex Real Madrid and Manchester United star was spotted training with his son in their garden.

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Earlier, had reported how five-time Champions League winner Cristiano Ronaldo finally returned to Juventus training for the first time since March when the league was suspended.

Having spent close to seven weeks in his hometown in Portugal, the 35-year-old was subjected to another 14-days self-isolation in Portugal as part of the rules to curb the further spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The former Real Madrid forward was however spotted arriving at the club’s Continassa complex in his black Jeep after a 72-day absence.

He also underwent COVID-19 test before being allowed to use the facilities for an individual workout on the pitch in Turin.

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The five-time Ballon d’Or winner encouraged over 200 million followers with the message after posing for a picture with double thumbs up and a beautiful smile.

Meanwhile, it is unsure when exactly the league will resume having being suspended since March 9 when Juve’s Danielle Rugani tested positive for the virus.