UEFA Champions League: What happened in London tonight

Chelsea fc is about to lose their chances for being one of the successors in the ongoing UEFA champions league round 16 clash against the Bundes Liga giant.


It was not to easy for the team to realise the mistakes made in the squad where some key players were absent in the line.

The Brazilian attacker whom is very sharp was unfortunately dumped out together with Thammy Abraham.












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Both teams were teared with high expectations, despite the fact that Chelsea was in the midst of their homes but still that could not stop Bayarn Munich from doing what is right for their outing.

Davies and lewandowski in the other hand make a clear differences between German and British training.

It was about 56minute when Munich sparks on their first goal and that happens to be the key for rest of the goals.

The bluez become so week to make any fantastic move even after the weaker players were substituted.

Fans and Managements blamed more on Frank Lampard for not making any change during the transfer session.

Can Chelsea make it to the next round?

It’s going to be a very hard thing for Chelsea to score 3 goals in Germany if they cannot score even one goal at their home.

Bayern Munich is ready to flush more goals on Chelsea in the next leg.

The probability is very low considering the lapses and weaknesses the team is suffering from.

Absence of N’golo Kante and Pulisic shows from beginning to the end of the game,

Jorginho arrived the pitch with outstanding yellow card were he sustained a “misses next match” in the process.

finally, it is going to be a hard way to go for Chelsea to qualify for the next round.