‘Like father like son’ Thiago Messi is victorious for Barcelona.

Thiago Messi has football running in his vein as one of the most Legendre football players of times now and then.


The Argentinian international has a photocopy which can do even better than the master copy.

The 6 years old Thiago Messi scores for Barcelona during their recent kids internal friendly match.

Football runs in the veins of Messi’s family. The Barca player’s son, Thiago Messi, showed his quality in a friendly match with Barcelona.

He is only 7 but he showed that he has an eye for goal. Thiago, Lionel Messi’s oldest child, scored in a friendly match in a video that has gone viral on social media.

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Leo Messi already said on more than one occasion that he wasn’t going to force his children to play football. However, the oldest one has left his preference clear, and he did it with Barcelona.

The match dates back to December 2019. There, at the Barca academy, where the youngest Barca players start to play, Thiago has now started to demonstrate that he has Messi’s blood.