Soccar News: Malaga sacked their coach, Victor Sanchez del Amo, due to an apparent video.

The Malaga’s ex-team manager, Victor Sanchez del Amo, had been sacked from his team (Malaga) due to the explicit video show of his semi naked body that was saw on internet, that was so freaky.


The Spanish and Real Madrid winger, Sanchez del Amo, who is now 43 years old, had already been banned by the club on Tuesday.

The Club added, however, it was unbale to arrive, “a friendly splitting”.

“Malaga Football Club also added, we made this choice to Victor Sanchez del Amo to br dismissed because of handler reason,” said as a statement.

Malaga had also made a desition receiving into account the sensitive damaged caused to the institution by the recent event intending to lower the impact on the Club and the entire organization.

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“Until a new manager is named, Sergio Pellicer, will behave as the first Malaga’s team manager”.

Ex-Manlaga’s team manger responded, the appearance that had been observed on internet is just a black mail victim that will done this, Victor Sanchez del Amo claiming.

He added, the matter is currently in the hand of police, sharing a familiar state of satisfaction of any individual with out admit if a crime.

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