Donald Trump: sets to be impeached the second time

Donald Trump is set to make history as a president impeached twice in a single term .


As it stands, House democrats are actively seeking ways to send him packing following his role in the invasion of the capitol .

However, Americans have taken to social media to react to the latest development.

In what will be an unprecedented thing, president of the United States of America, Donald Trump might be impeached .

Again. This followed growing calls that the president is removed from office following his role in inciting his followers to invade the capitol.

Leading the calls are Democrats who are asking the vice president, Mike Pence, to consider invoking 25th Amendment to force Trump’s removal from office.

House Democrats might impeach President Trump the second time. Photo: @SpeakerPelosi Source: Twitter While president-elect Joe Biden has no interest in opening impeachment proceedings against Trump.

lawmakers have not ruled out the possibility of impeaching a second time.

President Trump finally concedes defeat, reveals when he will step down from office (video) In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who called President Trump “a very dangerous person who should not continue in office,” said people are asking her to impeach the president.

According to CNN, House Democrats are eyeing quick impeachment vote if Pence rebuffs attempt to remove Trump from office.

The news outlet reports further that given the tight timeline, Democrats are looking for ways to impeach him quickly.

One option Democrats are exploring: “Offering articles of impeachment through a privileged resolution.

That would allow the chamber to move ahead with a vote to impeach Trump within two days, skip hearings, approving an organizing resolution, an investigation and moving straight to a vote.

” Americans on the other hand have reacted diversely to the latest development with some supporting the move and others rejecting it.

Meanwhile, had reported that social media companies like Twitter and Facebook have been urged to take a firm decision and ban Trump permanently from their platforms.

This is the main reason US Congress confirmed Biden’s victory – Explainer The call was made in a statement by former first lady, Michelle Obama.

This followed the riot incited by the president at the Capitol and the subsequent locking of the president’s accounts by some of the social media platforms.

She said Silicon Valley companies must stop enabling this monstrous behaviour.

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