Donald Trump is Been Barred From Entering Scotland

Donald Trump is trying to prevent the inauguration of Joe Biden. 


Many media houses believe Trump is trying to achieve this by being absent from the fixed date for the ceremony. 

Donald Trump is Been Barred From Entering Scotland

 However, Scotland has said that the US president will not be allowed to enter its country over what it referred to as unjustifiable purpose. 

The outgoing president of the United States (US) Donald Trump, has been barred from entering Scotland to visit his Turnberry golf resort.

This was announced on Tuesday, January 5, by the first minister of the nation, Nicola Sturgeon. 

It has been alleged by some international media houses that President Trump is trying to thwart the inauguration of Joe Biden which has been fixed for Wednesday, January 20.

Speaking on behalf of Scotland, Sturgeon noted that it was illegal in the heat of the second wave of COVID-19 for persons, including the US leader, to travel in and out of the country without a vital reason.

Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland will not open its doors to President Trump.

She said: “We are not allowing people to come into Scotland without an essential purpose right now and that would apply to him, just as it applies to anybody else.

Coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose. 

Meanwhile, apart from constantly refusing to concede defeat in the US presidential election, President Trump, according to a reliable source, had another plan.

President Trump, ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden, was planning to leave the White House via Airforce One to Florida where he would stage a campaign rally for 2024.

 Many saw this as Trump’s latest move to outshine Biden during his inauguration ceremony.

 The actual aim for Trump, as some international political analysts put it, was to create a split-screen in which he would be addressing a cheering crowd, while Biden was sworn in before a socially distanced audience outside the White House, due to COVID-19.

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