Cristiano Ronaldo regrets one major decision in his football carrier.

The Portugal international often regret his exit from the great Real Madrid.


Ronaldo assumes that he is going to have 2018 and 2019 Ballon d’or but, missed it all due to his move to Serie A.

Despite his outmost victory for lifting the Serie A in his first attempt but still the striker leaks thumbs for his leaving.

From a real source, Ronaldo told some of his former club mates that ” i am regretting my moves to Serie A”.

It was a surprising decision for just a day Ronaldo spread his decision for moving to Juve times back, a lot football fans right from Real Madrid were shocked for his needs.

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That causes a lot if damages to himself and the team despite the fact that his mind goes to Jventus by then and that was the only things he needed.

About 20-30% of Real Madrid fans turn to Juve’s automatically.

The Spanish giant suffered in Laliga followed by regular losings and lack of fans worldwide.

Sequel to what report shows, Mendez jeorge (manager to Ronaldo) denies the Portugal international moves to juventus base on the fact that Mendez might likely know the outcomes but Ronaldo insisted on the deal.

What a great mess? Do you know that, Ronaldo lift the 2018 Uefa champions league before leaving the team. And that same Ronaldo that raises the Real Madrid star in the Ronaldo some years back, but, still the legend got the way off.

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After his arrival to Juventus Ronaldo tried a lot for the team by taking them to quater final before they were kicked out by Netherland team.

Still the player do not end the session tropy-less, he managed to hit the Serie A tittle in the year.

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