Chelsea's victory against Lille shows the team needs for old players not always young ones.

The match critically analysed the needs of old and experienced heads not always using young players as Lampard oath to use.


Those old ideas is what qualify Chelsea to the knockout stage

The game has been classified as a showcase of the character of the team young academy kids. Besides having a poor performance, Chelsea manage to earn sit in the knockout stage. The victory is from the heads of the older stakes who push the rest through a series of tactics that create chances for the team.

The team manager knows that the game needs more accurate and experience players and it clearly shows in his squad last night.

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Comparing with the previous game against Everton when Chelsea were running poorly with 3-1 loose, about three changes in both striking and the backside of the team and taking a second look, each player substituted by a older ones, Antonio Rudiger and Emerson had ways from Chistensen and James Reece while Joginho replaced Mount in the midfielder. Where is Marco Allonso? Lampard needs wave back a bit on him.

The return of Antonio Rudiger is kinda perfect one, he has been off for this session were the team suffered from the young defenders agilities. Rudiger make the defence more secured with him.

Kurt Zouma in the defence line enjoyed most the presence of more tactic partner, Rudiger. The German international support Zouma a lot, show him how champions league behaves.

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In midfield, Joginho and Covacic ruled the scene they created more grips were needed, they touched as leaders leaved nor wrong steps in and out of the game.

In the striking line, Christian Pulisic and Wilian were busy creating chances, as it looks the players are also old with lots of experiences.