Chelsea News: Kurt Zouma speaks on Lampard's demand before Lille match.

“According to the center defence, you get ready to battle up, take all the necessary risk to make a difference in today’s against Lille not to talk of a temporary defensive hardship you may find yourself, victory is what we need today” says Lampard.


Think that “we are young so we can do without fear” says the defence men, is what causes a lots of issues for the team in the previous games, the coach advises hi men to show a high level of maturity in the game as it is same as final clash.

That no fear attitude of the men is what Lampard needs to see in the pitch today that is the only thing that can make their faces glow in the knockout stage of Uefa champions league.

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Kurt Zouma added that, “he knows our abilities and what we can also do, he knows we talented and focused, he want us to via risk and play like we do in a normal training despite we are young we should no show fear in any case”.

“Lampard hates loosing, he don’t want to be defeated, he is working with all heart to win any team he faces, missing only by the nature football as a game of either winning or loosing”.

“The legend is very calm and well focused also, he understand the nature of football since when he was a player, so he is using that experience to advise us, help us on how we can make difference with other mates”.

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” My boss was so disappointed in us by bearing a defeat against Evaton, so he does not want it repeated any longer”.

The team us boosted by the return of Rudiger. Christensen or Zouma, one most be off for the returnee.