Carlo Ancelotti: Everton is willing to replace Marco Silva with Italian international

Talks are going round that Everton is going to appoint Carlo Ancelotti as their new manager in place of Marco Silva.


Everton sacked Marco Silva for their high target on 60 years old manager.

Farhan Moshori as the highest shareholder of the team called upon the manager for a face-to-face discussions on last Monday in London.

Presently, Everton is under caretaker management like their neighbouring team Arsenal were Duncan Ferguson would be in charge of the Saturday’s premier league home game against Arsenal even if Ancelotti is finally appointed.

Ferguson will the proceeding manager of the team before the arrival of the Italian born. His performance is arising from in and out the pitch. Played draw with red devils, wining Blues, loses at Leicester city.

The Everton owner Moshori has long target to renowned manager in charge at Goodison Park. But Ancelotti considered to be the most successful coach surviving, therefore he fits the target.

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Besides a promise made by Moshori to offer a lucrative deals with Ancelotti, he also vows to deliver lots of money to help the coach reshape the team to clear the needs of any transactions in and out.

Ferguson had a positive impact in the team following his effort in reigniting the trash withing the players adding three successive defeat in Silva’s final game.

Ferguson said after the match that “They are highly disappointed there, there are lots of issues there in fact am disappointed in Coleman Baines, as guys they are”.

“It was a high chance for us to hit the semi final place but unfortunate, i was flopped right from the first half.

Though, the second was fairly good, the performance increases tremendously, but it just wasn’t to be how we needed unfortunately.