C. Ronaldo dims as Real Madrid faces last draw.

Real Madrid is seriously facing a tough draw in the first knockout stage in UEFA champions league this year.


As the thing standing, Madrid are one of those who are in the tough last champions league knockout stage.

Madrid qualifications most have been confirmed by FC Galatasary before they mill against PSG.

In one way or the other, Madrid most struggle for second position in the group since the French giant hold them 2-2 draw days back. Madrid may possibly face Juventus, Bayarn Munich or even Manchester City after immersing the second place.

All the thee teams have taste the progressions far back in the group stage, having only one one matches to play with clear qualification, merely first in the group.

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Up till now, Bayern never loose even a single point Lewandowski the striker’s scoring abilities having 10 goals in the Europe.

Manchester City has 11 points with reasonable number scores ranked fourth in the line. 13points goes to Juve having 10 goal among which Ronaldo scored one.

About three groups who are yet to declare the first or second.

Group E, G and H, are yet to decide. Napoli in group E can easily overtake Liverpool if they don’t take any caution even though they are toping the group.

Group G, Lyon can overshoot Leipzig looking odd in the scene.

Group H, Ajax and Chelsea anything can happen, Ajax who are at the top may possibly loose their chance of staying in the top.

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