Bollon d’Or Ceremony : Messi and Rapinoe become the 2019 best players[men and women]

Ballon d’or ceremony is time were football talents gathered and receive awards for best in so many categories in the foitball game.


Lionel Messi had another incredible achievement winning the best for six years consecutively.

Messi got the Ballon d’or to make his football profile completed were Messi stands the best among all

Virgil been the second also congratulate the winner on the victory he made this. He so please to show his gratitude to him.

Cristiano Ronaldo loosed hope for winning the Ballon d’or that was possibly the reason why he was not in attendance last night. Messi became the second over the Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane immersed the fourth possition behinds Ronaldo, Virjil and Messi.

Sadio Mane voiced out

He gives his whereabouts after missing the Ballon d’Or ceremony (he preferred to watch the FA Cup third round draw instead, obviously).

“I would have loved to be here with you, but sadly my schedule didn’t allow me, bacause I have a game this Wednesday. I congratulate the winner. Next year I’ll try to be there and maybe lift the Ballon d’Or!”

Luka Modrich also shows all his congratulations messages to Messi having a shot with the Ballon d’or together with the owner. He also said “football is not just about winning only, it is also about respect for yourself, teammates and rivals”.

Van Dijk speaks on Messi’s victory that

“I am very proud to have gone this far,” said the Netherlands international.

“If I see what I have done since last year. Is Messi the best in history? He came to the top and he is here because he is one of the best in the world. Everyone thinks what they want.”

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Congratulation speaks by Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu to Messi

The Ballon d’Or once again goes to the greatest player of all time. Football and Barça celebrate another wonderful achievement. Congratulations Leo!

Lewandowski also talks on Messi

“I’m happy to be here. It’s good to be there all together,” said the Bayern forward.

“It’s something special to be here, a beautiful experience. To win the Ballon d’Or six times is incredible. He is one of the best players in the world, and surely one of the best players in football history.”

Messi’s speech on his victory

“I would like to thank all the journalists to have voted for me, who wanted me to win this prize,” Messi said. “Thank you so much to my colleagues from the club, and all my colleagues who have contributed a lot for this prize. It’s really amazing.”

Regan Rapinoe immersed the winner for 2019 Ballon d’or were so many contestants loosed to her. Lucy Bronze became 2nd and Alex Morgan immersed 3rd.

The worthiest winner of the award, especially after her stunning 2019 in which she managed to win the World Cup with the USWNT as well as take a stand against the gender pay gap.

“I’m so sad I can’t make it there tonight, I was really looking forward to it. It’s a bummer,” said Rapinoe. “I want to say congratulations to all the other nominees – I can’t believe I’m the one winning it. It’s been such an incredible year. I want to say a huge thanks to my team-mates, my coaches and the federation. You help me on the pitch as well as off, and thanks for the support to my amazing family and friends. There’s not enough thank you or love in the world for everything that you do for me.”